Sneaker Shields "The Universal" / SNEAKERHEADS CUSTOM SHOELACES
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  • Image of Sneaker Shields "The Universal"
  • Image of Sneaker Shields "The Universal"

Meet the newest evolution in the Sneaker Shields family. Superior at the subatomic level, Generation 7 is the latest and greatest solution in the crease prevention world. Generation 7 is by far the most comfortable and flexible insert we have ever produced. It's flexibility and form memory surpass all other materials we have used in the past while improving the crack resistant properties that maintain the integrity that Sneaker Shields was built upon as Wearable Shoe Trees. You will know and feel the difference when you have them in your hand.

This is our BRAND NEW Generation 7 Pre-Notched Universal. It is our softer insert that is perfect for everyday use in your favorite dress shoes, casual footwear, Jordan's, WoW's, KD's, Saucony, Versace, Gucci, LV, Air Force Ones and more…

It fits into almost any shoe or sneaker on the market without a need to be trimmed because we have already pre-cut a notch into the sidewall to allow space for your outer toes aka your pinky toes.

However, if you do find that you need to trim them for comfort or fit reasons, you can do so with any pair of household scissors. Simply cut along the trim lines which follow the inside edges of the underside of the insert. You can get more instruction on our FAQ to help guide you through the trimming process if needed.

Lastly, just in case you are still unsure, Sneaker Shields™ are completely wearable while you walk to prevent and repair creases. So slip them in, and leave them in and keep your shoes looking fresh and new longer. Pick some up today before we sell out!


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